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Melissa's goal as an Interior Designer is to express ingenuity and authenticity through design.  She recognizes that our perceptions of our environment are constantly being forged with all of our senses. Melissa strives to indulge all with her designs by blending artistic refinement, functionality and aesthetic layers with clients personal taste for a collective design experience. 


Melissa has studied Interior Design and been working in the industry for over 6 years. Since the beginning of her career she has focused on channeling her talent and passion into thoughtful, creative, and powerful designs. During her time spent in the trade she has built strong relationships with clients, artisans, vendors, and colleagues. Melissa firmly believes in working smart, working together and having fun along the way.

Design always will continue to play a major role in both Melissa's work and personal lifestyle. Great design can be found everywhere and this is what inspires her to encourage others to keep their eyes & mind open to new interpretations. This mindset fuels her inspiration in each moment, reminds her how far she has come, and most importantly, moves her forward. 

Health and wellness is at the core of her beliefs and is expressed through her designs. Melissa truly recognizes the importance of good design, and thrives to help each Client reap the benefits of her knowledge and background to live well in their interiors.

If you are interested in learning more about Melissa and/or her work reach out below.

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